3 315 üdülőfalu és kemping foglalása és értékelése Egyesült Királyság-, Európa- és Amerika-szerte.

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Tóparti kemping 8 km-re Osnabrück városától Evezés, jégkorcsolyázás és vízibiciklizés elérhető A kempinghelyek az erdő és a tó közti tágas zöld területen találhatók Green green surroundings, a lakeside setting and a beer garden right on the grounds — bikers, families and groups, roar up to this Lower Saxony vers platsminthes for tiptop times.

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Fishing, swimming, rowing, boating and even ice skating, should you vers platsminthes particularly co-ordinated, are all at your disposal here: Campingplatz Bullerby is on the edge of a reservoir for watery hours, and its setting in the Tecklenburg countryside surrounded by the Wiehen mountain range is rightly nifty for hikes, cycle rides and motorbiking.

A hiking trail of just over a kilometre is on site. There's loads of room too for dreamy wanders and finding solitary spots, as Bullerby stretches over 20 hectares between the lake and its surrounding forest. For city days, sighseeing and shopping, ancient Osnabrück is under 20 minutes' drive away.

Beim Bezahlen wurden wir dann noch von einer Angestellten angeschrien, nur weil wir wissen wollten wie sich die Summe zusammen setzt. Absolut nicht zu empfehlen!

Campingplatz Bullerby has well-defined pitches in a spacious green area. There's a playground and a play area, a tennis court, and that beer garden, with roomy terrace for setting down on and sampling some local Vers platsminthes beer.

Pedal boats are available to hire on site.

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